Don’t believe everything you hear in rap songs, is the latest lesson we got from Jay Z’s little Cuba debacle. After Mr Carter rapped about getting “White House clearance” for his trip with Beyonce to the communist country, president Obama went on record on the Today Show, saying that he was not in any way involved in the decision. "This is not something the White House was involved with. We've got better things to do," Obama cleared things up with host Savannah Guthrie.

The controversy around Jay first began when he and wife Beyonce Knowled jetted off to the communist state for their five year anniversary. This was in the beginning of April and since then, the trip has been called into question multiple times. Since American tourists typically aren’t allowed into Cuba, the legitimacy of the trip was called into question. Additionally, a number of Cuban rights activists declared the vacation insensitive to the struggles of the country’s citizens. However, Jay Z tried to shut up his critics with the song “Open Letter”.

Jay Z, LA Lakers Game
He might be buds with the president, but Jay Z didn't clear his vacation with the man. 

As it now comes to light, the lyric "Boy from the 'hood got White House clearance" turned out to be just that – a lyric. On the day of the single’s release, White House spokesperson Jay Carney denied any involvement of the president with Jay and Bey’s trip and now Obama himself has confirmed it: the man has got better things to do.