Jay-Z takes his own toilet roll everywhere with him.

The '99 Problems' hitmaker stunned fellow T in the Park performers Kasabian at the Scottish festival recently when they spotted him backstage, and the 'Fire' rockers now claim they will only feel famous when they get to the same level of access to luxury items.

Kasabian singer Tom Meighan revealed: "The reason Kasabian aren't as big as Jay-Z yet? We need to have our own festival toilet paper

"I noticed at T that he had a huge circus around him, his own toilet and his own toilet paper.

"That's what we're aiming for next. Our own loo roll and then we'll know we're massive."

Jay-Z - who caused controversy when he became the first hip-hop artist to headline the world-famous Glastonbury Festival in 2008 - has previously admitted he finds performing at multi-artist shows a "challenge."

He said: "At festivals, some people are there to see you, some people are there to see the act before you, some people have no idea who you are. So how do you Take That audience of all those different people and make them focus on one point? That's the challenge."