Hip-hop star Jay-Z is in mourning, after learning his beloved nephew was killed in a car crash.

COLLEEK D LUCKIE, 18, died from injuries sustained in an accident in Pennsylvania.

Allhiphop.com reports that Colleek was travelling with friend ROSCOE G NEELY, 20, on 28 June (05) when driver Neely struck a tractor trailer.

After the collision, the vehicle - reportedly bought by Jay-Z for his teen nephew as a graduation gift - is said to have struck a telephone pole and travelled some 300 feet through a field.

Colleek was killed, while Neely sustained a minor injury and was taken to a local hospital.

Def Jam president Jay-Z, who has made numerous references to his nephew in his songs, has previously said of his sister's children, "I carry my nephews like my sons, always have and they have filled that void for me."

14/07/2005 02:55