Jay Z shocked his fans and regular tube users when he chose to travel on the London Underground to his gig at the London O2 arena.

The American rapper was joined by Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin and record producer Timbaland, who is supporting him on the 'Magna Carta' world tour.

Martin, who is a good friend of Jay's, joined him on stage later in the night to perform 'Ain't No Love'(Heart Of The City) with producer Timbaland.

The group join a list of the latest stars who have chosen to travel on the tube, Harry Styles and Rihanna have also been photographed by fellow public transport users.

Fans who were lucky enough to spot the hip-hop icon didn't waste any time in spreading the news on social media outlets, with one fan posting on twitter "Casually getting on a train with Jay Z, Chris Martin, and Timbaland,"

Another fan called, Jamie Robb, tweeted, "What a riot... Just met Jay Z on the tube in London", along with a photo of Mr Carter and Martin bording the tube.

An entourage of about ten people was said to have joined Jay's journey, which included his manager Ty Ty and Atlanta Records executive Michael Kyser, they bordered the underground at Waterloo Station and headed straight of the 02 arena.

Jay-Z's performance was part of his 'Magna Carta' world tour and the unusal trip to the venue didn't seem to affect his performance in the slightest.

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney from The Financial Times was in attendance and thought "Jay-Z was his usual super-confident self at the O2 Arena, a man who could sell bicycles to fish".

He added, "The rapper moved around the stage and rapped with self-assurance; one fast, twisty a cappella routine was supremely artful".

'Magna Carta Holy Grail' is Jay's 12th studio album and became his first number one album in the UK.

Jay Z
Jay Z travelled on the tube to reach his concert at the O2 Arena

chris martin
Chris Martin joined Jay Z on the journey