Jay-Z and Beyonce both have a lot on their plates right now and family might occasionally take the backseat to their individual careers, however the rapper claims he is absolutely hoping to have more children with his multi-millionaire of a wife – at some point, anyway. When asked during a Hot97 interview whether Blue Ivy might have a few siblings at any point in the future, he answered: 'God willing, yeah -- get a little basketball team going.'

Jay-Z, Yahoo Wireless
Mr Carter is looking forward to the future.

However, he mentioned that he absolutely would not get little Blue Ivy involved in the music industry, despite the fact that his toddler is already well traveled, having tagged along with both mom and dad on their various jettsetting adventures around the world.

Jay also commented on the little shoutout he recently gave to Miley Cyrus on his track Somewhereinamerica. With lyrics that went “Cause somewhere in America/ Miley Cyrus is still twerkin'” loads of people decided that the rapper was hating on Miley’s dance skills. After a brief twitter exchange with the singer, the whole thing was cleared up and it turns out that Miley actually got props from Hova himself – not bad for a first time twerk-er (?) In the interview, the rapper clarified beyond the 240-character tweet: “She’s being herself, she’s expressing herself. “I think it’s more a reaction to people wanting her to be Hannah Montana... On course, maybe it’s loud, but it’s understandable.” Wise words indeed, Mr Carter. Wise words indeed.

Jay-Z, Wireless
And no, there's no beef with Miley.