Rapper Jay Z ended his show in Los Angeles on Monday night (09Dec13) with a touching tribute to late human rights icon Nelson Mandela.

As world leaders and celebrities like Bono and Forest Whitaker were preparing for the former South African leader's memorial in Pretoria, Jay Z offered up his own thoughts about one of his heroes onstage at the Staples Center.

He dedicated Young Forever to Mandela, who died on 5 December (13), calling him "a great man who spent 27 years in prison and came out to be president".

A photo of the late leader was then beamed onto a huge screen above the stage.

Jay Z also paid tribute to Mandela last week, just hours after news of the icon's death was confirmed. In a post on his website, the rap star wrote, "All our dreams are possible. Tonight I'm living my dream in front of y'all. So anybody out there got a dream, y'all chase that mo'f**ker down as hard as you can. Let that great man stand as an example of what you can do."