Jay-Z - easily one of the most inactive Twitter users on the planet given his level of fame - popped up on the micro-blogging website on Monday (July 8, 2013) to answer a handful of questions from fans. Hova sat around, probably on a throne or something, randomly responding to fans' questions for a few hours - and he actually offered up some interesting answers.

When one fan asked, "Do you think MCHG is your best work?" Jay-Z came back with a honest response, saying, "Hard to beat RD, BP1, TBA. It can fight for 4th #factsonly," referencing his 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, 2001's The Blueprint and 2003's classic record The Black Album.

Another question concerned Jay's dear friend Notorious B.I.G and whether the pair would have collaborated if Biggy hadn't had been murdered. "Would BIG be on the #MCHG if he was here ?? Are you going for tears???? wow.oh, sorry, absolutely. BK stylem," said Jay.

The rapper even replied to a fan's query about his favorite Britney Spears track, "Toxic.. jamming my G," he said, to the delight of Spears herself who tweeted, "You learn something every day! Never knew @S_C_ was a fan of Toxic! That's Big Pimpin ;)"  

Jay Z Magna Carta Holy GrailJay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail Artwork

Though Jay-Z has probably retained his status as one of the world's finest rappers with 'Magna Carta,' he's also cemented his reputation as one of entertainment's finest businessman. The husband of Beyonce sold an early one million copies of the new album to Samsung for a guaranteed $5 a pop. You do the math. 

Jay-ZJay-Z Is A Novice Tweeter, Though Spent Hours Chatting To Fans On Monday