If you haven’t yet seen Jay Z’s new video for 'Holy Grail,' here’s a hint: you should see it. The track definitely called for a different direction than Hov’s previous work, but what director Anthony Mandler did with the video is a surprise non the less. Justin’s intro is gone. Instead, the opening of the video sees Jay Z almost instantly launch into a verse, with blue-tinted images of snakes, shafts of light, sillouettes and Jay deep in thought.

Watch the "official visual" below:

Though Mr. Carter is no stranger to minimalism in his videos, 'Holy Grail' is rather different from what we’ve been seeing in the past few months – perhaps because the music industry is just coming out of summer hits season. Still, 'Holy Grail' is a rather sobered up take on the song, though the video itself feels somewhat surreal with the occasional slowed down verse and the sombre visuals.

Jay Z, Legends Of Summer Tour
Hov puts an end to a season of flashy technicolor videos.

"Jay's committed to turning the rules upside down. He's willing to push the boundaries, flip the concepts, and allowed me the ability to be really disrespectful to the track, to re-cut it and change the order," Mandler told MTV News. "When we started the video, the idea wasn't to re-arrange the track; that came along the process of discovery, during the edit, when we had this idea of 'How do we turn the medium again?”

Perhaps it’s not exactly a revolution in the music video industry. It is a great standalone interpretation though and with the medium in such a standstill, it’s simply nice to see someone still making a video without a single product placement in it.

Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Legends Of Summer Tour
Jay Z and Justin Timberlake team up for an excellent, blissfully PP-free video.