In an effort to mobilise the same black youth vote that tipped the scales in favour of Obama two years in a row, Jay Z is to hold a special concert in Ohio before the presidential election in order to encourage young people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The gig, the date of which has not yet been confirmed but will definitely take place in Cleveland according to a report by Buzzfeed News, is believed to form part of the Clinton campaign’s ‘closing argument’ strategy as the November 8th date of the 2016 presidential election looms ever larger.

Jay ZJay Z is to hold a concert in Ohio to get young black people to vote for Hillary Clinton

Democratic nominee Clinton’s campaign, despite putting criminal justice reform and the stopping of the killing of African-American people by police as a central part of her message, has thusfar failed to engage young black millennials as they would have liked. Jay Z, who nailed his colours to the Clinton camp a long time ago along with his wife Beyonce, is weighing in to help change this with just over a fortnight to go.

Ohio is a key battleground state in which Clinton has trailed the controversial Republican nominee, Donald Trump, more consistently than most other contested state.

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46 year old Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, has for a long time been outspoken on the issue of police brutality, released a new track named ‘Spiritual’ in the aftermath of the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in quick succession in July this year.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign is nudging consistently ahead of Trump in the nationwide polls, though he is still in the race in a number of key states that may seem him win the White House after all.

Clinton’s team has organised a number of special concerts aimed at getting out younger voters and millennials in November, including rock act The National playing in their native Cincinnati, also in Ohio, while Jennifer Lopez is also performing in Miami, Florida to persuade the Latino vote to mobilise.

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