Jay-Z and Beyoncé have spent most of their weekend turning down reports that claim the pair are expecting their second child. Whilst most of the media world seems to have forgotten about their first child, Blue Ivy, Bey and Jay certainly haven't; with the doting parents treating their first born to two rather interesting treats.

The 16-month-old girl was treated by her mother, who is currently on a world tour, who shared a picture of her daughter behind the scenes at a recent concert on her official site; with the singer treating her little princess to her very own throne! Well, it's not really a throne, but instead a custom made directors chair crafted to fit the toddler's frame ideally. The back of the chair also reads out the youngster's initials; BIC.

Her father on the other hand has an entirely different present up his sleeve, one that can be re-used when baby Carter number two (and three, four, etc.) finally comes along. The rapper is having a number of tracks from his back catalogue re-imagined in the form of baby's lullabies, with hits like 'Empire State of Mind,' 'Hard Knock Life,' and 'Run This Town' being re-written for younger ears.

The project isn't exclusively being handled by Jay himself, rather the Rockabye Baby Music team that have already released album tributes to AC/DC and Black Sabbath, with Jay's approval probably coming when he realised he could play his hits to his daughter before her 18th birthday. The novelty record will hit shops in July.

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z have lavished attention on Blue Ivy in lieu of Bey's pregnancy rumours