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Obama Gets More Laughs Than Leno At White House Dinner

3rd May 2010

President Obama upstaged Jay Leno at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend. While Leno was ostensibly the comedy headliner at the affair, the president (reportedly with an assist from writers of The Daily...

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Letterman Lets Zingers Fly At Leno Again

28th April 2010

Goaded by guest Dr. Phil McGraw, David Letterman Tuesday night returned to tweaking his late-night rival, Jay Leno. The CBS late-show host acknowledged that he enjoyed every minute of NBC's Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno fiasco earlier...

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Conan To Be Interviews On 60 Minutes

28th April 2010

Conan O'Brien has granted his first post- Tonight show interview to CBS's 60 Minutes , the New York Times reported today (Wednesday). Speaking with the newspaper, Steve Kroft, who conducted the interview, said that while...

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Jay's Ratings Fall Below Conan's

23rd April 2010

For the first time, Jay Leno's average weekly ratings among 18-49-year-old viewers has fallen below Conan O'Brien's, departing TV analyst Joe Adalian observed on Thursday. Adalian noted that Leno averaged only a 1.0 rating...

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Experimental Heidi Klum

21st April 2010

Heidi Klum cut her hair because she was "bored".The German supermodel admits she loves experimenting with her locks and is delighted with her new ash-blonde bob.She said: "I got bored as we all do once...

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Leno On O'brien "I Knew He'd Land On His Feet"

20th April 2010

Jay Leno, who was conspicuously silent on the Tonight show last week following the announcement that Conan O'Brien would be competing against him and David Letterman beginning in November on TBS, has finally commented on...

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Nbc Says It Lost Less Than It Thought From The Olympics

16th April 2010

While NBC had forecast that it would lose $250 million in its Winter Olympics telecasts, the actual loss came in at $199 million, according to an SEC filing by parent General Electric today (Friday). The...

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Eubanks To Play His Last Song For Leno

13th April 2010

On the Tonight show Monday, Jay Leno made no mention of the news that Conan O'Brien would be moving to TBS in November. But he did have a less-surprising announcement to present as he brought...

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Russell Crowe Gets Walk Of Fame Star

13th April 2010

Russell Crowe has been given a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.The Oscar-winning actor - who has previously refused offers to have the prestigious honour - was accompanied by wife Danielle Spencer and their two...

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Ailes Signals Conan Will Be Welcomed At Fox

12th April 2010

Roger Ailes appears to be a Conan O'Brien fan. Ailes, who is particularly well known for steering Fox News, but who is also chairman of Twentieth Television and Fox Television Stations, told Sunday's Chicago Tribune...

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Kendra Wilkinson Wanted Shy Hank

8th April 2010

Kendra Wilkinson wanted to date Hank Baskett because he was too shy to ask her out.The 24-year-old former Playboy model was instantly attracted to the American footballer - who she married last June - when...

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Leno Extends His Lead Over Letterman

29th March 2010

After barely edging out David Letterman for two weeks following his triumphant return as host of NBC's The Tonight Show, Jay Leno began lengthening his lead in week 3, according to Nielsen Media Research. Leno...

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Cbs And Fox Dominate Ratings

24th March 2010

Once again, judging from Nielsen's top ten list, it looked like a two-horse ratings race last week as Fox landed the top two spots with its two editions of American Idol and CBS took the...

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Ferguson Why Conan Bombed On Tonight

23rd March 2010

Craig Ferguson apparently thinks he has figured out why Conan O'Brien failed to succeed as Jay Leno's successor on The Tonight Show. "Look at the terrible thing that happened to Conan when Conan tried to...

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Leno's Tonight Ratings Fall

19th March 2010

Reinstalling Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show may turn out to be NBC's equivalent of former President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment following the invasion of Iraq -- as unanticipated fallout continues to roil...

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Nbc's Ratings Rise At 10 00 P.m.

18th March 2010

Since abandoning its experiment with The Jay Leno Show during primetime, NBC has remained in last place among the major networks in the 10 00 p.m. hour, but its ratings have risen by nearly half...

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Letterman And Kimmel Gang Up On Leno Again

17th March 2010

Two late-night talk show hosts, CBS's David Letterman and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, got together on Letterman's show Tuesday and lamented the fact that they no longer had NBC's Jay Leno to kick around anymore since...

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Seinfeld's New Show -- Even The Stars Are Confused

12th March 2010

The Jerry Seinfeld-produced The Marriage Ref lost nearly two million viewers from its Thursday-night premiere a week ago, dropping to 6.04 million viewers. Nevertheless, that was an improvement over Jay Leno's numbers in the same...

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Dave And Jay Running Neck-and-neck

11th March 2010

David Letterman had been expected to beat Jay Leno in the ratings for the second night in a row Tuesday following a plea deal by former CBS-TV news producer Joe Halderman to plead guilty to...

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Andy Richter Still Angry About Leno

10th March 2010

There's no lack of ill will remaining in the wake of the debacle that wound up with Conan O'Brien exiting The Tonight Show and Jay Leno taking over. Appearing as a guest host on Tuesday's...

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Matthew Mcconaughey's Positive Language Barrier

9th March 2010

Matthew McConaughey's 20-month old son speaks better Portuguese than he does.The 'Fool's Gold' actor insists his failure to grasp Brazilian girlfriend Camila Alves' native language is actually good for their relationship because it means she...

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Simon Cowell Unsure About Kids

9th March 2010

Simon Cowell is "torn" about having children. The 50-year-old music mogul - who recently got engaged to his make-up artist girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy - claims he would love to become a father, but isn't sure...

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Italian-american Org Asks Leno To Censure Jersey Shore

8th March 2010

Calling on Jay Leno to consider his own Italian-American heritage, UNICO (Unity, Neighborliness, Integrity, Clarity, and Opportunity), has called on the Tonight show host to take a stand against the MTV reality series Jersey Shore...

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Seinfeld's Marriage Ref Debuts With Strong Ratings

8th March 2010

It may have received nothing but disparaging reviews after a preview outing during the Winter Olympics' finale a week ago, but the Jerry Seinfeld-produced The Marriage Ref got off to a solid start in the...

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Leno Returns From Oz

2nd March 2010

For Jay Leno, the last few months have been like Dorothy's visit to Oz, at least so he envisaged on Monday night as he returned as host of NBC's The Tonight Show . "There's no...

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Nbc Closes Closing Ceremony Early; Viewers Irate

1st March 2010

NBC has managed to do it again -- anger a lot of viewers and tarnish the prestige of one of its most bankable stars. The network, which had bombarded viewers with promos for its Jerry...

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Seinfeld To Guest With Letterman When Leno Returns To Tonight

25th February 2010

Two days after NBC announced a strong guest list for the first two weeks of Jay Leno's return to the Tonight show, CBS revealed an equally strong lineup for next week's Late Show with David...

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Nbc Hoping A-listers Will Boost Leno On His Return To Tonight

23rd February 2010

Jay Leno's guest list for his first two weeks back on The Tonight Show features A-list talent the likes of whom never appeared on the show during the brief time that it was hosted by...

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Some Of Leno's Tonight Show Alumni Not Returning

17th February 2010

Jay Leno may be heading back to The Tonight Show , but it now appears that bandleader Kevin Eubanks and his former Tonight Show announcer, John Melendez, won't be following him. Today's (Wednesday) New York...

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Why Would Jay Appear In A Promo For Dave?

9th February 2010

People were still scratching their heads over the appearance of Jay Leno with Oprah Winfrey in a promotional ad for David Letterman's show during Sunday's Super Bowl telecast. On his Jay Leno Show , which...

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