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Super Troopers 2 Will Be Happening, Says Broken Lizard Members

Jay Chandrasekhar Kevin Heffernan Steve Lemme Erik Stolhanske Paul Soter

Two members of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan, were on hand for a Q&A session with fans at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, Oregon, this Friday (June 19). While there they revealed some very warmly received news indeed, that the long-awaited sequel to the troupe's break-out hit Super Troopers will is in the pipeline and should be getting released in the not-to-distant future.

Jay Chandrasekhar
Chandrasekhar wasn't present at the Q&A

The comedy collective, consisting of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske, are also responsible for such noted comedies as Beerfest, Freeloaders and Puddel Cruiser, but it is their 2001 break-out film about a bunch of bored highway patrolmen trying to make their jobs more interesting that is still the most revered and loved by fans. So it came as no surprise when the audience warmly responded to the news that a second Super Troopers looks like it is on it's way.

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Picture - Jay Chandrasekhar , Monday 7th January 2013

Jay Chandrasekhar Los Angeles, California, United States The Los Angeles premiere of 'Freeloaders' at the Sundance Cinema - Arrivals Monday 7th January 2013

Jay Chandrasekhar
Jay Chandrasekhar

Picture - Jay Chandrasekhar; Clifton Collins Jr. , Monday 7th January 2013

Jay Chandrasekhar and Clifton Collins Jr - Jay Chandrasekhar, Clifton Collins Jr. Los Angeles, California, United States The Los Angeles premiere of 'Freeloaders' at the Sundance Cinema - Arrivals Monday 7th January 2013

Picture - Matthew Pritzker; Jay Chandrasekhar , Monday 7th January 2013

Matthew Pritzker and Jay Chandrasekhar - Matthew Pritzker, Jay Chandrasekhar Los Angeles, California, United States The Los Angeles premiere of 'Freeloaders' at the Sundance Cinema - Arrivals Monday 7th January 2013

Matthew Pritzker and Jay Chandrasekhar

The Babymakers Review


What starts out as a smart, sassy comedy about infertility gets bogged down in its own potty humour, ultimately becoming a dull caper romp that's impossible to care about. This is a real shame since the cast is clearly up for something more sophisticated and knowing, and the filmmakers seem to have some amusing ideas up their sleeves.

The film opens as Audrey and Tommy (Munn and Schneider) are celebrating their third anniversary and decide to start a family. When Audrey doesn't get pregnant, tests show that Tommy's low sperm count is to blame, due presumably to too many groin injuries while goofing around with his chucklehead pals (Heffernan and Faxon). But since he had donated to a sperm bank years earlier, he decides to make a withdrawal, only to discover that the last batch has already been sold. So he and his friends hire a crazy-eyed Indian criminal (Chandrasekhar) to orchestrate a heist.

Munn and Schneider are gifted actors who create an engaging sense of chemistry in the feisty first act, grounding the comedy in real marital issues that are riotously funny because of the unexpected frankness of their discussions about sex. But as this starts to drift into a series of one-note gags about semen and genitals, our patience wavers. And then the caper kicks in, and it's so contrived and stupid that we lose all interest in the film and the characters. We may still care about Audrey and Tommy, but the situation they get into is just as idiotic as the people around them.

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Beerfest Review

Has there been one laugh-out-loud comedy, with the exception of Ricky Bobby, this summer? The excellent Little Miss Sunshine was more of a drama, though Abigail Breslin's pageant finale was hilarious. The Break-Up, with its force feeding of wacky characters, was terrible. Scoop felt too much like a compilation of Woody Allen's not-so greatest hits. Clerks II had its moments, but it lacked the spontaneity and rawness that made the first one so great. Poseidon was funny for all the wrong reasons.

Now enter Beerfest, the newest comedy from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe. It's not nearly as funny as Super Troopers, but it's not nearly as atrocious as the laugh-empty Club Dread. In this dead season of laughs, that makes Beerfest almost a rousing success.

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Puddle Cruiser Review

Funny-hmmm college movie, made by a bunch of recently graduated Colgate students who raised almost $200,000 to make this relationship comedy, showed it at Sundance, and toured the country showing it to college kids. No idea if it ever made money. It's not quite funny enough to be a mainstream hit, not subversive enough to become a cult classic. There are some hilarious vignettes about phone numbers, indie theater, and the whole world of man-woman relationships -- all of it with a frat house sensibility. Enjoy it as an alternative to sitcoms.

Club Dread Review

Club Dreadful is more like it. Have you ever watched a horror movie where you're begging for the deranged serial killer to make quick work of his or her aggravating victims? Club Dread is that type of film. This heinous horror spoof springs from the minds of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, a team so terrible they wouldn't know funny if a monkey infested with a hilarity virus nicknamed "Sharp Wit" bit them on the leg.

The Lizards made a name for themselves at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival with law enforcement spoof Super Troopers. That film cultivated a rabid cult audience who devoured the film at midnight screenings. Perhaps they were sleep deprived. Their follow-up follows a gaggle of young, hard-bodied partygoers to Pleasure Island, where a little fun in the sun turns deadly after a stalker starts killing the employees of beautiful Club Dread.

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Super Troopers Review

Written by and starring members of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, Super Troopers definitely starts out exhibiting a lot of potential. The four guys of Broken Lizard play Vermont state troopers - Thorny, Rabbit, Mac, and Farva - that spend their days pranking folks they pull over on the highway into Canada, played out to particularly good effect in the opening scene involving a car full of stoned college kids. Plus, they get their kicks picking fights with the local fuzz, and battling to keep their precinct from being shut down by the budget-minded governor (Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter).

Unfortunately, Super Troopers never really hits its stride. While these pals who met at Colgate University (and produced Puddle Cruiser there) seem to be having a blast paying homage to cheesy '70s and '80s comedies - from the brilliant like Animal House and Caddyshack to the retarded like Cannonball Run and Police Academy, most of their gags fall flat - especially the biggest ones. And as much as I appreciate good old fashioned boy humor (masturbation, crotch shots, blow-up dolls, etc.), it's frustrating to see these guys - who are obviously pretty clever - waste their talent on parodies of things they probably thought were funniest when they were high.

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