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Kevin Smith Not Worried About Next Job

Kevin Smith Dangerous Jay And Silent Bob The Benefits

Kevin Smith didn't "give a f**k" when he was making 'Red State'.

The 41-year-old actor-and-filmmaker is set to retire from the movie business when he creates his "farewell film" 'Hit Somebody' next year, so he didn't feel the need to worry about how his latest motion picture would turn out.

He said: "The film Dangerous, and different, and made by someone who just doesn't give a f**k. Because I didn't have to worry about where the next job is coming from. Because there is no next job."

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Kevin Smith's Bruce Willis Problem

Kevin Smith Bruce Willis Jay And Silent Bob Golden Globe Awards

Kevin Smith found Bruce Willis to be challenging as they didn't "get along".

The 'Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back' director was disappointed the pair "didn't get along" when the actor starred in his police-themed comedy movie 'Cop Out' last year as he had always dreamed of working with the Golden Globe winner.

He said: "We didn't get along. He didn't like me at all. I thought that working with Bruce Willis was something that I wanted to do, until I did it."

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Mewes Becomes Womaniser After Rehab

Jason Mewes Ozzy Osbourne Jay And Silent Bob Kevin Smith Wilt Chamberlain

Recovering drug addict Jason Mewes has turned his penchant for scoring drugs into a penchant for scoring women.
The CLERKS star has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years and finally became clean in 2003.
At the time, Mewes moved in with some friends who were also just out of rehab, including Ozzy Osbourne's son JACK, and began his womanising ways.
According to his Jay And Silent Bob co-star Kevin Smith, "He's somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 different girls.
"He's not Wilt Chamberlain (the US basketball star who claimed to have slept with 20,000 women), but it's the highest number of anyone I know."

Mewes Credits Affleck With Recovery

Jason Mewes Mallrats Ben Affleck Jay And Silent Bob Kevin Smith

Recovering drug addict Jason Mewes has heaped praise on Mallrats co-star Ben Affleck for helping him when he was at an all-time low.
Mewes called Affleck and asked for help when he was hooked on heroin back in 2000 and his movie star pal not only funded his recovery, he found him work.
The Jay And Silent Bob star, who has been clean and sober since his court-imposed rehab in 2001, says, "When I needed help he definitely helped me out. As a matter of fact, he paid for one of my rehabs."
Affleck and the pair's mutual pal Kevin Smith have continued to support Mewes in his recovery - Smith asked him to revive his Jay character for the upcoming CLERKS sequel and Affleck offered his pal work in his directorial debut GONE BABY GONE.

Smith Offers Pal Mewes Sobriety Rewards

Kevin Smith Jay And Silent Bob Jason Mewes

Cult movie maker Kevin Smith has promised to revisit his Jay And Silent Bob franchise if the film's star, Jason Mewes, stays away from drugs.
Mewes, who pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and a hypodermic needle in 2001, has appeared in many of Smith's films and the director admits the much-anticipated CLERKS sequel was inspired by his friend's sobriety.
Smith explains, "He was knee-deep in OxyContin and heroin, and I had told him if he ever cleaned up, I would put him in another movie.
"When he was six months clean, he asked me if we would be doing another Jay And Silent Bob movie... I told him it was CLERKS II."
Smith has now given Mewes another promise - to revisit Jay And Silent Bob if Mewes can stay sober for five years.
He adds, "We can JAY AND SILENT BOB GO TO SPACE or some s**t."

Kevin Smith Hits Out At Warner Bros Exec

Jay And Silent Bob Kevin Smith Warner Brothers Superman

Jay And Silent Bob director Kevin Smith has branded Warner BROS boss JEFF RUBINOFF the "biggest s**t" in Hollywood.

In a move that would be career suicide for most, Smith slams Rubinoff, who he met while working on new Superman movie SUPERMAN RETURNS - for which he unsuccessfully submitted a script.

He complains to MAXIM magazine: "All the other Warner execs in the room were into the flick and the script I'd written, and this dude Rubinoff was just like, 'I don't get it', and saying it because he was the new guy and just trying to justify his salary. Or just because he didn't get it, which would make him a f**king idiot. The was a total f**king dick."

13/06/2005 17:27
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Chance The Rapper's 'Coloring Book' Enters Billboard Chart On Streaming Alone

Chance The Rapper's 'Coloring Book' Enters Billboard Chart On Streaming Alone

The album is the first in history to chart without selling a single copy.

Idina Menzel Responds To 'Give Elsa A Girlfriend' Viral Campaign

Idina Menzel Responds To 'Give Elsa A Girlfriend' Viral Campaign

Earlier this month a twitter campaign asking Disney to make Elsa their first LGBT princess in the ‘Frozen’ sequel went viral.

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