Javier Bardem was forced to walk away from his passion for rugby - because opponents plotted to attack him when they realised he was a budding actor.
The No Country for Old Men star was a keen sportsman during his youth and was on the national rugby team in his native Spain, but he retired from the game as his movie career began to blossom in the early 1990s.
And he admits he was put off playing when he overheard opposition players planning to target him on the field.
He tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "I've always said that playing rugby in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Japan. No one does it. I loved rugby - but you have to quit if you want to work as an actor.
"I did (movie) Jamon, Jamon and it was a great success and, from then on playing, the other teams were always going, 'He is the guy from Jamon, Jamon, let's beat him up.'"