More freaky and odd than scary, the latest 3D IMAX film, Haunted Castle, is not what it sounds like. Don't expect a funhouse-style ride through a house of horrors. Instead, get ready for an outrageously bad plot filled with ear-piercingly bad music -- yikes, there's even a really lame live band sequence at the end -- and laughable dialogue. But, who's really going to see a 3D IMAX film for a great storyline and acting?

The best reason to see most IMAX films, especially the 3D variety, is to ooh and ahh at the giant screen antics. Through the clouded lenses of the bulky IMAX visor, tree limbs will jut out into your face, demons will fly straight into your body, and you'll even feel like you're peering precariously over the edge of the castle's gargoyle-dotted rooftop. Even if the film's CG animation is obvious from the beginning, it comes off looking much like an elaborate video game, and is far less bothersome than some of the film's most ridiculous element: story.

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