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TV Bafta Awards 2015

Jason Watkins and wife Clara - A host of stars were photographed as they arrived for the House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2015 which were held at the Theatre Royal in London, United Kingdom - Sunday 10th May 2015

The House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2015

Jason Watkins - The House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2015 held at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - Arrivals at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 10th May 2015

BAFTA TV Nominations Announced! The Missing Gets The Most Nods For 2015

BAFTA Benedict Cumberbatch Toby Jones James Nesbitt Jason Watkins Keeley Hawes Sarah Lancashire Sheridan Smith Ant and Dec

The BAFTA Television Award nominations for 2015 have finally been announced, including the usual entertainment favourites, some easily predictable names and a few surprises along the way that represent the very best of British television.

James Nesbitt at BBC Broadcasting House
James Nesbitt's 'The Missing' leads the nominations

We're never tired of hearing his name at awards ceremonies; 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch is once again nominated for his exceptional performance as the modern-day sleuth on a show that the public has also put up to receive the Radio Times Audience Award. More Leading Actor nominations feature Toby Jones in 'Marvellous', which is also in the Single Drama category and Best Supporting Actress with Gemma Jones. 

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BBC Films 25th Anniversary Reception

Jason Watkins - A variety of stars were snapped as they arrived at the BBC Films 25th Anniversary Reception which was held at BBC Broadcasting House in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 25th March 2015

Filming of BBC's W1A series 2

Jason Watkins - Scenes of BBC's W1A series 2 being filmed at Broadcasting House in Portland Place at BBC Portland Place - London, United Kingdom - Friday 30th January 2015

Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins and Hugh Bonneville
Jason Watkins and Hugh Bonneville
Jason Watkins and Hugh Bonneville
Jason Watkins and Hugh Bonneville

BBC Breakfast Departures Media City Manchester

Jason Watkins - Celebrities leave the BBC Breakfast Studios Media City Manchester. - Manchester, United Kingdom - Tuesday 9th December 2014

Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins

Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey?! Review


There are so many plot holes in this silly British holiday sequel that the script hardly seems to exist at all. As in the previous two Nativity! movies, the emphasis is on Christmas wackiness, with inane set pieces designed only to keep small children giggling. Writer-director Debbie Isitt clearly isn't interested in connecting these scenes together into something more than vaguely coherent, asking us to just go with it. And if you can do that, you might have some fun with this.

Once again, it's all change at St. Bernadette's School in Coventry. This time there's a new headmistress in the humourless, astonishingly unobservant Mrs Keen (Celia Imrie). She sensibly sacks the dopey teaching assistant Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton) and instead hires "super-teacher" Mr Shepherd (Martin Clunes), who immediately gets rid of Poppy's donkey, the class mascot. In the process though, Shepherd takes a blow to the head and loses his memory, which is a problem because he's due to get married to Sophie (Catherine Tate) in New York. So Shepherd's daughter Lauren (Lauren Hobbs) teams up with Poppy to get the kids into a flashmob competition that culminates with a final round in, of course, Manhattan. The problem is that the competition is being organised by Sophie's preening ex Bradley (Adam Garcia), who wants her back.

Issitt keeps the film moving at such a hyperactive pace that there's barely time to notice that nothing about this story makes any sense. But before we can say, "Wait a minute!" the film has already lurched into a corny slapstick sequence or a big musical number performed with screechy karaoke-style authenticity. Although the songs are packed with clever hooks and repeated so many times that they're impossible to get out of our heads. Oddly, the children are sidelined in this movie, appearing at random for a bit of cacophonous mayhem or another pastiche holiday number. Only Hobbs registers as a character.

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Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey? Trailer

Mr. Shepherd is the new teacher at St Bernadette's Catholic School in Coventry who is eager to propose to his friend Sophie, to the delight of his young daughter who wants so badly to have a new mother by Christmas. Meanwhile, the school has also gained a new headmistress, Mrs. Keen, who deeply disapproves of the school's favourite teacher - the ever child-like Mr. Poppy - and their pet donkey Archie. The latter pet-peeve is probably for a good reason as soon enough, Mr. Shepherd finds himself deeply concussed after being kicked by Archie, completely forgetting who he is, where he is, where Archie is and, more importantly, that he's soon to be married on Christmas Eve in New York. Mr. Poppy and the class decide to band together to get him to his bride by joining a flash mob, where the top prize is a trip to the Big Apple. Will the class succeed in their latest endeavour and make this Christmas the best yet?

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Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! Review


After 2009's inane comedy Nativity, no one was clamouring for a sequel, but at least this one tips the scales into sublime silliness. If you can suspend your disbelief, this might even be a guilty pleasure, complete with stars behaving stupidly, adorable children and a series of hilariously corny pastiche Christmas songs.

Things continue to be rather chaotic at St Bernadette's Primary School in Coventry, mainly because the headmistress (Ferris) is still employing her idiotic nephew Mr Poppy (Wootton) as a classroom assistant. He's just scared off another applicant for the teaching job when the tenacious Mr Peterson (Tennant) arrives with his pregnant wife (Page), determined to stick it out. Somehow Poppy convinces Peterson to take the kids on an illicit cross-country journey to a Song for Christmas competition in Wales, at which the kids will face competition from school rival Mr Shakespeare (Watkins) as well as Peterson's estranged twin brother Roderick (also Tennant), a snooty composer with a professional choir.

The plot is utterly preposterous, and as the wacky events progress, writer-director Isitt never even tries to ground the movie in realism. In fact, there's a point about halfway through where it becomes pure fantasy, so complaints about believability don't really apply. The only way to survive watching it is to sit back and enjoy the inane plot and goofy slapstick. And by doing so, we're surprised that the film is actually rather enjoyably ridiculous.

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Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger Trailer

Mr. Poppy, an immature classroom assistant at a St. Bernadette's Primary School, returns with ideas for a new Christmas performance with his class following the success of their Nativity play in 2009's 'Nativity!' He wishes to organise the pupils for the National 'Song for Christmas' Competition where the prize is a massive o10,000. However, being only an assistant, he cannot enter the class until their new teacher arrives. Donald Peterson is that teacher; a restless and stressed out man who struggles to deal with the pregnancy of his wife, the pressure on him to become like his talented composer twin brother and, of course, the unruly Class 7. Mr. Poppy wastes no time in getting Donald to agree to get the competition performance underway but the new teacher soon finds himself out of his depth and struggling to control the behaviour of his teaching assistant who insists on using a real baby and a donkey in the show. However, when Donald discovers that his perfect, daddy's boy brother is also competing alongside the upperclass choir of St Cuthbert's College, he finds himself determined to put on a world-class performance.

'Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger' is the most perfect sequel to its 2009 predecessor. It sees the return of Debbie Isitt as writer and director and most of your favourite characters and is set to be released well in time for the festive season on November 23rd 2012. 

Director: Debbie Isitt

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Nativity Trailer

Watch the trailer for Nativity.

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