We all know that Jason Statham’s a bit of a bruiser with the same amount of dexterity in his acting as a mature oak has in its wood. But Hummingbird is an attempt to move Statham away from the straight up beat-em-up films he’s become sadly all too known for – albeit by giving him a few scraps early in the trailer to show us just exactly what it is he’s trying to move away from.

Statham plays Joey Jones, an unimaginatively titled (sorry to anyone out there actually called Joey Jones) who takes a pretty bad beating on the streets he’s living on one night and decides enough’s enough and he need to get his life on track again. The reason it’s track, of course, is because he’s an ex-special forces whose luck’s gone sour. After getting a job as a chef in London, it looks like this film’s starting to turn towards a bit of a grittier Under Siege, though unfortunately with no Gary Busey dressed up as a woman – which would’ve improved this trailer by a good 100%. Though working as a chef, Jones also gets a job as a security guard – he’s not forgotten those special forces combat skills after all – and unsurprisingly, the trailer takes a swift change in direction towards his physical attributes and general punching people out (including, in one disturbing clip, a woman) rather than his culinary abilities. Which is a shame, Masterchef: The Movie has been long overdue.

In fact, given that there is a sense that this is Statham trying to be a ‘serious actor’ it doesn’t seem a whole lot different to his previous roles, you can find out for yourselves when Hummingbird hits cinemas on May 10th.

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