Jason Segel, star of How I Met Your Mother and The Muppets Movie, stars in the forthcoming comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Segel plays the title role; a 30 year old man who lives in the basement of his mother's house. His mother is played by Susan Sarandon and Ed Helms plays the role of his estranged brother, who appears to have everything going for him, in comparison to Jeff, who is something of a slacker.
Huffington Post describe the movie as "a stoner version of the new series 'Touch'" and, in an interview with Artisan News Service, Segal himself describes the film as having "an interesting tone; it's got quite a bit of comedy but it's also got a real sort of dramatic strain running through it. It's the kind of movie I love and watch over and over and over again." He goes on to praise the movie's scriptwriters, the Duplass brothers, describing them as "really, really gifted."