Jason Segel's How I Met Your Mother co-star Neil Patrick Harris wasn't surprised when his pal took a fan as his date to a recent awards show, because he loves making his supporters happy.
Chelsea Gill's dreams came true when the funnyman invited her to attend the Chicago Film Critics Association awards in Illinois on Saturday (07Jan12) after she posted a song online pleading with him to take her out for a drink.
He won the award for comedian of the year, and even gave a shout-out to Gill on Twitter.com thanking her for accompanying him.
And Segel's colleague Harris has revealed there was no "agenda" involved in the invite, insisting Segel is just a nice guy.
He says, "Jason's a super lovely guy. He does stuff like that, and authentically. It wasn't for any kind of agenda.
"The trouble with Twitter is, you answer one question on Twitter, then for the next four days you get nothin' but questions. But, I'm sure Jason would like lots of dates - he's a raconteur!"