The Duplass Brothers, best known for their low-budget quirky movies 'Cyrus' and 'Baghead', release their latest offering on Friday (March 16, 2012), 'Jeff, Who Lives At Home', starring mainstream comedy actors Jason Segel and Ed Helms. The movie follows the former's character - a slacker who lives in the basement of his parents' home.

Speaking to the Associated Press about getting their hands on a bigger budget, the Duplass brothers insist they worked in exactly the same way as their past movies, and that there were no quarrels on-set. Jay said, "We have perfect relationships with each other ... and with our wives.Everything is fine", with Mark adding, "It's so hard to make a movie, and almost impossible to make one that's semi-entertaining and watchable, that when Jay and I are on set, whatever problems come up between us immediately get dwarfed by the greater force of the movie we have to deal with. It's like that moment where there are two villains who hate each other, then they have to join forces to defeat the bigger villain". There's a similar relationship unfolding on the screen, with Jeff (Segel) at odds with his brother Pat (Helms) before the pair slowly get over their estrangement from each other. Speaking about the improvisational scenes, Segel said, "Our job was to show up and really understand what the scenes were about, and what the point of them was, and then just be completely open to whatever was gonna happen". Helms - who often improvises on The Office - added, "It's a fun way to go to work on a set every day, just not knowing what you're gonna say".

'Jeff, Who Lives At Home' also stars Susan Sarandon and hits theaters on Friday. Early reviews have been strong, with Variety commenting, "The Duplass brothers take another step toward conventional Hollywood storytelling without sacrificing the sincere, true-to-life quality that got studios interested in the first place".