Review of Geek in The Pink Single by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz
Geek in The Pink
Single Review

Jason Mraz Geek in The Pink Single

American Jason Mraz releases new single Geek in the Pink on 6th March. Taken from his second album (I didn't even know there was a first one!) titled Mr A-Z. This is 2006's Maroon 5 but speeded up, I think he is perhaps trying to sound like Justin Timberlake but sounds like a much poorer version. Personally not my cup of tea at all, rapping should only be attempted by those who can carry it off and unfortunately Mr Mraz is not one of those people. I would leave this to Mr Eminiem or Mr JT. Definitely a poor attempt, and if you saw Jason you would perhaps think the song was autobiographical, harsh I know but true. Leave the music to the big boys and perhaps try a new musical direction.


Joanne Nugent

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