After a run of poorly received films that have dented Johnny Depp’s reputation as a box-office magnet, the Hollywood superstar must be keen to move onto pastures anew. For his newest venture, Depp has teamed up with cult filmmaker Kevin Smith in a high-concept action movie based around the exploits of a pair of teen yoga fanatics and their fight against evil spirits. Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn will take the lead roles whilst Depp will co-star in the curiously entitled project, Yoga Hosers. 

Johnny DeppIn recent years, Depp's box-office status has tailed off after some poor performances.

Set in rural Canada, Smith has written the film and will direct it when it begins production. The story will follow the two girls as they battle a mysterious and ancient evil that threatens a planned party by rising from the underground, penetrating through a spiritual netherworld to usurp the two girl’s weekend plans to attend the coolest party in town. It will mark the second venture by Smith in a trilogy of films, nicknamed the “True North Trilogy” set in the vast and spacious Canadian countryside. The first, Tusk, is currently scheduled to do the rounds in the Autumnal film festival circuit and features largely the same cast as Yoga Hosers. Harley Quinn and Lily Rose also appear in Tusk in roles that are synonymous with Smith’s directorial oeuvre: convenience store clerks. For Yoga Hosers, however, the girl will take on much more pro-active roles.

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