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T-Boz Unplugged - Arrivals

Jason Lee - T-Boz Unplugged held at Avalon Hollywood - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 7th December 2015

Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Trailer

Having literally gone from rags to riches, Alvin, Simon and Theodore didn't think their lives could get any better - and they certainly didn't think it could all go downhill. Their best friend and father figure Dave has met a woman, and while the chipmunks are happy to have a new face in their lives, they're super worried it could mean the end for them. Dave is going to Miami to propose and is planning on leaving his furry friends at home in Los Angeles. But after a serious misunderstanding, the guys believe that they are going to be abandoned forever. And so, they set out follow Dave to the sunny city to stop the proposal and save their friendship with Dave - while gaining yet more fans with their spontaneous musical exhibitions along the way.

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Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip Trailer

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are preparing to embark on more mischievous adventures; venturing out on a road trip to New York, throwing star-studded parties and doing what they love best - singing! But meanwhile, they have some serious business to attend to. They are convinced that their friend Dave is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, before leaving the chipmunks to fend for themselves. It's all a huge misunderstanding, of course, but these musical rodents have a good reason to believe they might lose their buddy; it's not as if they make life easy for him. Thus, the chipmunks - led by Alvin - set out to travel cross country to meet Dave in New York and convince him not to propose. Not only are they worried about being left alone, but they're also not loving the idea of their potential new stepbrother.

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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Arrivals

Jason Lee - Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' held at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE 14 - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 2nd July 2015

Jason Lee

Kevin Smith Announces Sequel To Mallrats Is In The Works

Kevin Smith Mallrats Ben Affleck Shannen Doherty Jason Lee Jeremy London

Kevin Smith has announced there will be a sequel to Mallrats. Mallrats, the 1995 romantic comedy which starred Smith, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty and Jeremy London, was a prequel to the 1994 film Clerks. The films both flopped at the box office but have since achieved cult status.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith has announced a sequel to Mallrats is in the works.

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Jason Lee Leaving The Huffington Post

Jason Lee - Jason Lee leaving the Huffington Post - Manhattan, New York, United States - Thursday 5th February 2015

Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Behaving Badly Review


For a comedy that so desperately wants to be rude and sexy, this movie is remarkably timid. It does a great job putting up a front as an anarchic laugh riot, but the genuinely funny moments are few and far between. And it seems to have been written by sniggering teenage boys who can only imagine what it's like to experience sex, drugs and romance, but they haven't a clue, really. Thankfully, the starry cast makes it just about watchable.

With a drunken mom (Mary-Louise Parker) and a deadbeat dad (Cary Elwes), 17-year-old Rick (Nat Wolff) pretty much has to grow up on his own. Then over two fateful weeks everything starts going wrong. Just as he seems to be making progress with hot good-girl Nina (Selena Gomez), he gets caught in a drug deal with a strip-club manager (Dylan McDermott), the cops find a dead mobster in his car, and then everyone is arrested when a house party he throws turns into a drug-fuelled sex romp. Even more precarious for Rick is the fact that he has just lost his virginity to Pamela (Elisabeth Shue), who is both his mother's best friend and the mother of his best friend Billy (Lachlan Buchanan).

Yes, the script wallows in sex and drugs, but never seems quite sure what to do with them, shying away whenever anything remotely grown-up threatens to happen. Instead, scenes degenerate into corny broad comedy that feels more than a little desperate. Director Tim Garrick throws everything he can think of at the screen, so naturally a few gags stick. Even if the plot is paper-thin, and several of the jokes are beyond offensive (including gags hinging on both statutory and prison rape), there are also several witty zingers that elicit outright laughter. Such as when Nina remarks casually that her parents are away from home attending a pro-life gun rally in Dallas.

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OK! Magazine's Pre-Grammy Event

Jason Lee - OK! Magazine's pre-Grammy event with a performance by Jason Derulo and special guest appearance by Jordin Sparks at Lure Nightclub - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 24th January 2014

Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Geffen Playhouses Annual Fundraiser

Jason Lee and Yvonne Lee - Geffen Playhouse's annual fundraiser honoring Bruce Ramer and Billy Crystal held at Geffen Playhouse - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 13th May 2013

Jason Lee and Yvonne Lee
Jason Lee and Yvonne Lee

Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Review

It's impossible to be critical of a movie like this, since it's not trying to be anything other than ridiculous. And indeed it does manage to make us laugh, mainly because it's so relentlessly corny.

Dave (Lee) takes all six mischievous Chipmunks on a cruise-ship holiday before their big performance at the International Music Awards. Of course, Alvin (Long) is immediately in trouble, taking his pals Simon and Theodore (Bugler and McCartney) and the Chipettes (Poehler, Applegate and Faris) with him. But Alvin's next stunt strands them all on a deserted island, including Dave and former manager Ian (Cross). On the island they meet treasure-hunting nutcase castaway Zoe (Slate), just as a volcano is about to blow.

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Cop Out Review

Trying to make up for a lack of genuine wit, this film adopts a frenetic pace with a constant stream of jokes and action. The result is watchable, occasionally funny and instantly forgettable.

Cops Jimmy and Paul (Willis and Morgan) have been partners for nine years but, after a chase goes horribly wrong, they're suspended for a month. While Paul suspects his wife (Jones) of infidelity, Jimmy's daughter (Trachtenberg) is planning an extravagant wedding. To pay for it, Jimmy decides to sell a valuable baseball card, which is promptly stolen by a low-life goon (Scott) and passed on to a murderous gangster (Diaz). So Jimmy calls Paul to help him get it back. It's not like they have anything better to do.

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Cop Out Trailer

Watch the trailer for Cop Out

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Underdog Review

Someone needs to send an exorcist over to the Disney Studios, PDQ. The House of Mouse needs a ghostbuster to purge its demonic tendencies toward remaking classic cartoons and other 2D animated properties into shoddy live action spectacles. First there was George of the Jungle and Inspector Gadget. Now the glorified product pitchman Underdog falls under the reinterpretation light. Originally conceived by General Mills' ad agency (and its head, W. Watts Biggers) as a way of selling cereal to wee ones, the once noble anthropomorphic pup with the Superman-like powers has been reduced to a post-modern joke where everything's ironic and nothing's endearing.

After he messes up an important training test, failed police dog Shoeshine (with the voice of actor Jason Lee) winds up in the lab of Dr. Simon Barsinister (a perfectly cast Peter Dinklage) and his dopey assistant Cad (a totally out of whack Patrick Warburton). A genetic engineering experiment goes haywire, turning our hound into a hero, and our scientist into a psychopath. On the run, Shoeshine winds up with young Jack Unger (the vacant Alex Neuberger). While he tries to hide his special talents -- especially his ability to talk -- Shoeshine relents, and quickly becomes pals with his new owner. As he settles in for a life of chasing his tail, scratches fleas, and fighting crime, Barsinister will not let such a supremely successful example of his research slip away. He plots to kidnap and capitalize on the newly named Underdog, destroying anyone who intends to stop him.

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Alvin And The Chipmunks Review

In theory, it's a good idea for a family film. Take Dave Seville's (aka songwriter Ross Bagdasarian Sr.) loveable novelty act, those swell, squeaky voiced woodland creatures, and marry them to the post-modern world of CGI. Toss in a recognizable name (in this case, My Name is Earl's Jason Lee) in the human role, ratchet up the current pop culture references (lots of video game nods and hip-hop rodent rump-shakin') and, hypothetically, you've got a no miss holiday treat.

So where, exactly, did the makers of the nauseating Alvin and the Chipmunks go wrong? How did something that seemed like a slam dunk turn into one of the biggest piles of 2007 junk? Maybe it's the lack of cleverness? A myriad of missed opportunities? The blatant stupidity of the entire narrative? You'd think that Jon Vitti (ex-Simpsons scribe), Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi (both of Pete and Pete fame) could come up with something fresher, more original, than this rabid rags-to-riches tale. Even worse, director Tim Hill (Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties) offers no situational context to make the otherwise surreal circumstances crackle with comic possibilities.

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Monster House Review


Every perfect and picturesque neighborhood - at least in the movies - has one: that creepy old house that fuels the nightmares and serves as the centerpiece of the double-dog dares for the local kids.

DJ (Mitchel Musso) has made the house his mission. He's set his bedroom up as home base to watch old Mr. Nebbercracker across the street, an irate curmudgeon (voiced by Steve Buscemi) who steals any balls or bikes that find their way into his yard, chases after kids to keep off his lawn, and, presumably, thinks the music kids listen to today is nothing but noise. Within an hour of DJ's parents leaving for the weekend, Nebbercracker is dead (from a heart attack during an apoplectic moment at finding DJ on his lawn) and DJ is finding out that the old coot might not have been the most dangerous part of the creepy old house, because the house itself is starting to... eat people.

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