Hannah Montana: The Movie acted as my official introduction to the identity crisis that is Miley Cyrus and her pop-music-powered alter ego. I have two boys, after all. The farthest we've ventured down Disney's empowered-female food chain is Kim Possible (which, for the record, deserves its own live-action film adaptation in the vein of Tomb Raider, yet better). But now, at least, I understand the hoopla surrounding this spunky, cool, and charismatic young performer. Her overly produced musical anthems aren't my cup of tea, but I get why so many people line up to drink what she's serving.

Chances are those reading this review won't have to be told how aspiring singer Miley Stewart (Cyrus) created Hannah Montana so she could live a normal life off the stage. Or how her down-home, country-boy of a father (Billy Ray Cyrus) worries that his daughter is spending too much time in the self-centered, shallow celebrity pool and losing touch with her Tennessee roots.

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