Review of Cat's in The Cradle Single by Jason Downs

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4. Jason Downs Cats in The Cradle (12" - (Pepper) )
County and Hip Hop? Who ever heard of such nonsense? Well, chances are you probably have - a few months ago. One Jason Downs managed to burst into the top 20 with his original and ultra catchy first single White Boy with A Feather.

This, the follow up uses the same formula but this time the man chooses to cover someone elses song rather that singing his own. Its a bit of an odd choice of tune but Downs amazingly clear and dextrous vocal cant help but grab your attention and is sure to see this track overtaking its predecessors chart position.

If the pop angle doesnt interest you head straight for the Nightmares on Wax mix. George chops things back, lessens the tempo whilst keep the western feel at the helm with loads of sweeping violins and suitably placed vocals.