Singer Jason Derulo tested the strength of his neck after breaking it a year ago by performing a hands-free headstand in his new music video for The Other Side.

The star wanted to show fans he was all fixed after months of rehabilitation and decided to thrill them by defying gravity in the promo.

He tells Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest, "I wanted to go to the extreme... I wanted to do something that showed the strength of where I've come from... 'What can I do to show that I am good, to show that I am on the next level and I'm ready to continue?'"

DeRulo admits it hurt when he first tried it, but constant practise and his breakdancing background helped him perfect the move.

He adds, "You build a tolerance. When I first did it, it hurt."

And the singer is philosophical about the neck injury that almost ended his career, admitting it brought him closer to girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

He explains, "It just brought so many positive things, I wouldn't change it for the world. It just took me to the next level. It made me more mature, it brought Jordan and I closer, it brought me closer to God, it brought me closer to my family."