Jason Derulo has had sex to his own songs.

The smooth-talking R&B star - who has been dating singer Jordin Sparks for two years - has admitted to getting down and dirty to the sound of his own voice in the past.

When asked on BBC Three chat show 'Staying In With Greg and Russell' if he has had sex to his tracks, Jason admitted: ''Well, it might have popped up on shuffle once or twice.''

Jason is currently at Number One in the UK Singles Chart with his track 'Talk Dirty', and admitted his fans had been inspired by the song's cheeky lyrics to send him some sexy messages of their own.

The 24-year-old singer said: ''Sometimes they're a little shocking, even for me. 'Jason I want you to f**k me hard to your music, until the sun comes up, three times over.' ''

But Jason only has eyes for Jordin, and joined with the 'No Air' hitmaker for a sensual duet called 'Vertigo' on his new album, 'Tattoo'.

He explained to French radio station Fun Radio: ''The song is very stripped down, it's just us and the piano. There's no bells and whistles - it's as if were naked on the song.''

The lovebirds - who have previously expressed their desire to get married - weren't nervous about collaborating for the first time, and were so inspired, they ended up penning several tracks.

Jason explained: ''There was no pressure. At the beginning we were kind of tip toeing around how each other works but we did a couple of songs together because I wanted to make sure we had the right song on the album, and 'Vertigo' was actually the last one we did. It was smooth sailing, easy.''