Jason Derulo can't cook.

The 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker - who is dating Jordin Sparks - admits he is hapless in the kitchen and struggles with even the most basic recipes.

He said: ''I'm the worst cook you'll ever meet. I cooked rice one time and the bottom was burnt and the top was raw. I was so confused.

''I can't even cook a hot dog properly, but I've tried grilling a really thin steak for a few minutes each side and having that with salad and mustard. It was supposed to be easy.''

Jason admitted he would have to order take-out if he was ever caught be a surprise visit from friends.

He said: ''I'd have to get a takeaway, otherwise everyone would go hungry. I'd probably order in some good Japanese food.''

And the singer eats out a lot, admitting his favourite restaurant know him ''very well''.

He told heat magazine: ''I love Katana in LA. I always order the same thing, rock shrimp, black cod, capaccio salad and a vodka tonic with lychee.

''They know Jordin and I very well.''