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The Philly Kid Trailer

From director Jason Connery come The Philly Kid, a tale of corruption, murder and professional fighting. Dillon McCabe (Chatham) is the titular Philly Kid who, on the same night he was crowned an NCAA wrestling champion, becomes involved in the killing of a police officer. He is sentenced to fifteen years in prison, enough time to contemplate his actions and vow not to fight again. Ten years on and Dillon is paroled back onto the streets on New Orleans, returning to his run-down Baton Rouge neighbourhood.

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Connery Film Helps Rebuild New Orleans

Jason Connery

Actor Jason Connery's hard-hitting new movie is to be filmed among the derelict houses Hurricane Katrina destroyed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The British actor and Monster star Pruitt Taylor Vince will star in Glass Houses when it goes before cameras next March (09).

The film, which marks Mark Bernier's directorial debut, is a crime drama, which pits a detective against a paedophile ex-priest as he investigates the rape and murder of a transgender teen.

Damaged structures used in the movie will be reconstructed or renovated during filming at the production company's expense.

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Connerys To Collaborate?

Jason Connery

Jason Connery is keen to drag his reclusive dad SEAN back into the limelight with a dazzling father-and-son production, which Jason would direct.

The 74-year-old JAMES BOND star recently ditched Hollywood for good, declaring his contempt for "the idiots" in the US movie industry - but his optimistic son has other ideas.

He says, "I would love to direct him but I would never go to him unless I thought it was something he would be really interested in.

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Shanghai Noon Review


"Shanghai Noon" is a Jackie Chan flick set in the Old West. If that inventive screwball setup isn't enough by itself to get you itching to see the movie, please feel free to read on.

The sanguine sovereign of the kung-fu caper comedy, Chan stars as a subservient Chinese imperial guard who is part of a rescue party dispatched to America in pursuit of a kidnapped princess (Lucy Liu from "Ally McBeal"), who is being ransomed by a traitorous expatriate and his cowboy cohorts in Carson City, circa 1881.

After he's separated from his high-born countrymen during a railroad robbery Chan resolves to rescue the princess himself and reluctantly buddies up with the ever-glib, handsomely broken-nosed Owen Wilson ("Bottle Rocket," "The Minus Man," "The Haunting"), one of the incompetent outlaws who stuck up the train.

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Jason Connery

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