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Bourne Back

10th June 2010

MATT DAMON's JASON BOURNE character is heading back to the big screen - without Matt Damon.Universal Pictures movie bosses are reportedly moving forward with plans for a fourth installment to the Bourne franchise, even though...

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The Things They Say 7557

10th March 2008

"I keep trying to kill him off but every time I get voted down." THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM star MATT DAMON jokes about his popular spy character JASON BOURNE. Damon recently signed up to make a...

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Bourne's Back

26th February 2008

MATT DAMON is set to reprise his role as forgetful hitman JASON BOURNE in a fourth action movie. The movie star hinted 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum would be his third and final film in the...

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The Rock Wants Matt Damon-style Action Roles

20th September 2007

Wrestler-turned-movie star DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON is taking a break from action movies because MATT DAMON has set the bar too high after his JASON BOURNE films. Johnson was tipped to become the next Sylvester...

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Damon: '007 Is Stuck In The Past'

16th August 2007

MATT DAMON has dismissed comparisons between his spy character JASON BOURNE and English agent JAMES BOND, declaring 007 is stuck in the past. Damon made the outburst at the British premiere of his third Bourne...

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Fascinating Fact 3732

10th August 2007

Marketing bosses at Universal Studios have placed an ad featuring a towering image of MATT DAMON in his role as CIA agent on the run JASON BOURNE on the side of the Manhattan, New York...

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Damon: 'Jason Bourne Saved My Career'

26th July 2007

Actor MATT DAMON credits his role as screen spy JASON BOURNE for saving his career. The star feared his roles in movie flops All The Pretty Horses and The Legend of Bagger Vance would prevent...

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Damon To Quit As Jason Bourne

24th May 2007

Actor MATT DAMON will quit playing assassin JASON BOURNE after the third film is released this summer. Damon wants someone else to take on the role - created by author Robert Ludlum - and make...

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Wolverine Is Top Franchise Star

6th June 2006

X-MEN's violent mutant WOLVERINE has topped a poll of fictional power players, beating off stiff competition from boy wizard HARRY POTTER and comic book-hero-turned-movie icon SPIDER-MAN. The survey, conducted by Entertainment Weekly, sees HUGH JACKMAN's...

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Greengrass: 'People Identify More With Bourne Than Bond'

14th March 2006

Director PAUL GREENGRASS insists his JASON BOURNE movies offer a more lasting legacy than the JAMES BOND franchise, because the audience identifies more closely with MATT DAMON's action hero. The movie-maker is just starting work...

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Is Damon Bourne To Run?

17th February 2006

THE BOURNE IDENTITY producer FRANK MARSHALL wants to make five movies in the Bourne series and is desperate to convince star MATT DAMON to sign on for all of them. Damon is on board...

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Damon: 'Bourne Must Die'

27th November 2005

Movie star MATT DAMON is keen to have his THE BOURNE IDENTITY character JASON BOURNE killed off, but the action hero refuses to die. Damon is hoping the fugitive will finally meet a sticky...

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Damon Signs On To The Bourne Ultimatum

15th March 2005

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON has confirmed he's signed up for a second sequel to THE BOURNE IDENTITY - but will happily drop out of the project if the script is anything less than brilliant....

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Damon Predicts Bourne 3

6th August 2004

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON will make a third JASON BOURNE movie - as long as the script is good enough. The OSCAR-winner's second outing as US intelligence misfit Bourne in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY hit...

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