Jason Biggs will ''never live down'' being the ''guy who f**ked a pie''.

The 33-year-old actor - who plays Jim Levenstein in the 'American Pie' franchise - admitted while he has lived most of his life being the ''pie guy'', in reference to his character masturbating with the use of a warm dessert in the first movie, he is ''proud'' of the now infamous scene.

He said: ''I'll never live down being the guy who f**ked a pie. I've lived almost more of my life being the 'pie guy' than I have not being that guy.

''But I'm proud of that scene and what it meant for my career, my personal life, my finances - everything. It took balls to do that scene.''

Jason joked that he would have to contract a ''horrible case of amnesia'' to forget the incident, as people are constantly reminding him of the scene on twitter - even 13 years after the original 'American Pie' movie hit screens.

He added in an interview with Britain's Glamour magazine: ''I quite literally made an impact in that pie, and on pop culture in general. Without fail, every day, there's someone on twitter saying, 'You're the pie-f**ker, right?'

''I would have to get a horrible case of amnesia in order to forget that I f**ked a pie in a movie from 1999.''