Funnyman Jason Biggs wasn't looking for romance when he wed actress Jenny Mollen - the couple exchanged vows in a shipping store parking lot.
The American Pie star reveals he was so excited to marry Mollen, they eloped as quickly as they could back in 2008 and Biggs jokes it was a moment he'll never forget.
During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Tuesday (03Apr12), he said, "The eloping was really interesting because we got the number of a woman who will come to your house and marry you at home. And we thought, 'That sounds cool, we'll do it in bed with the dogs. That's how you should get married, right?'
"We woke up one day and we said, 'Today's the day we're doing this.' We called up our lady and she said, 'Unfortunately I can't make it up to Hollywood but if you want I can meet you at the FedEx in Calabasas off the 101 Freeway?' And we said, 'Sure, absolutely.'
"We go to this FedEx Kinko's and we look for this woman and it's very weird. There's kids doing term papers, there's people making banners... and then us looking for our person who's gonna marry us... So we're filling out the (marriage) paperwork in the FedEx Kinko's and at a certain point, like 20 minutes in, she's like, 'Oh, by the way, that's my son across the room; he'll be your witness.' And we're like, 'Oh,' and we look across the room and there's a man over there who has a lazy eye.
"So she was like, 'OK, we need to do the verbal, where would you like to do this?' And we said, 'Well our dogs are in the car, can we go out and grab them and maybe do it out there?' And she she said, 'Sure.' So we stood in the parking lot of this FedEx Kinko's with our dogs in our hand, next to a Taco Bell (fast food chain) drive-through, cars whizzing by on the 101 Freeway. We were crying. It was very sweet."