Jason Biggs thinks of 'American Pie' as a ''great gift''.

The actor - who plays the role Jim Levenstein in the movie series - admits he has not always been keen to be associated with the teen comedy franchise, but has now learnt to accept it.

He said: ''I'm in the place right now in my life where I really am accepting of it. 'American Pie' is a great gift. It really is. I think there's been a few different stages for me. There was a bit of pigeonholing in terms of the roles I was trying to get.

''And there was a time when that was frustrating, and kind of scary. But then you realise, 'Oh, I'm getting parts. I'm working. I do different parts -- and they might not be as well received or popular as doing Jim in 'American Pie.' But you know, I'm still young.' ''

However he admits he has changed considerably as a person between the third 'American Pie' film and the new one 'American Reunion' - which is due out later this summer.

He said: ''I guess my body has changed a lot in the last nine years. Back then, I was single, and I'd go out at night from dinner to drinks, go out with local people and party, and then roll into the publicity obligations in the morning with energy.

''Now, I lay down for a nap at 6 pm and wake up at 6 am the next day. One glass of champagne and I'm like, 'What happened last night, baby? Do I have a Mike Tyson Tattoo on my face?' ''