Actor Jason Biggs is already worrying about future fatherhood - because at some point he'll have to explain his raunchy behavious in the American Pie films to his kids.
The star plays geeky Jim Levenstein in the comedy series, and famously made love to an apple pie in the first film and bares all in the latest sequel, American Reunion.
Biggs, who is married to actress Jenny Mollen, sees children in his future - but he's not looking forward to the day when they become aware of his raunchy role.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "I've thought about this... I'm gonna have kids, I hope, right, a daughter... I can imagine having a daughter and say she's, like, 12 and she comes home from school one day and is like, 'Daddy, my friend says she saw your penis last night on television' and I'm gonna have to deal with that, sit my daughter down... it's all weird!
"The good news is this is at least a few years in my future."