It’s been a solid week reviews-wise for the Jason Bateman-starring Disconnect, with critics giving it a boost ahead of its full release in the US this coming weekend (April 12, 2013).

Originally show last September at the Toronto Film Festival, 'Disconnect' focuses on the impact that humanity’s reliance on technology for communication is having on the face-to-face real life communication of their everyday. An interesting premise (and we recommend reading The Shallows by Nicholas Carr for further on this subject,) the film focuses on a group of people and shows how the internet, their laptops and mobile phones have actually affected them and made them more isolated in spite of their ease of reach. In a passionately written review for the Chicago Sun Times, Richard Roeper commented “I believed the lives of these people. I believed they'd do the drastic things they do in the face of crisis. I ached for them when things went terribly wrong and rooted for them when there were glimmers of hope.” The New York Observer meanwhile commented “Responsible, riveting and intense, it's a film about cybercrime that left me shaking-the movie equivalent of sticking a wet finger into a hot socket.”

Some of the praise was more balanced however, with The Hollywood Reporter writing “The thematic points are made clearly, with well-sustained tension and no shortage of dramatic impact. It's just that it's all a bit obvious ...” It may be obvious, The Hollywood Reporter, but if its message isn’t being paid attention to then doesn’t it need to be? Check out the 'Disconnect' trailer below.