Another article to trumpet the return of Arrested Development, and quite frankly we’re more than happy to keep them coming for you, because we’re as excited as anyone about the return of the cult comedy to Netflix after seven years away.

Netflix will air all 15 new episodes at the same time on Sunday evening (May 26, 2013) and the cast have been reflecting on the demise of the original series on Fox in 2006, as well as the new episodes. "I think the show scored some 'cool points' for dying before its time," said Michael Cera, who plays Michael Bluth’s son George Michael. "But there are still a lot more places for it to go." Jason Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, commented "Clearly a lot of people DIDN'T like the show, so I guess all we were hearing from were those who do—and that happens to be a brand of people who are not afraid of speaking their minds."

Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the show, has had to battle scheduling issues, but he’s got the new shows done, with the focus changing so that each episode focuses on a particular character. "Mitch and the cast didn't want to do something not as good as the old series," said Bateman. "We didn't want to do something lateral or just a retread." Cera added "I think it's new at every opportunity, while retaining the show's original heart."

Jason Bateman
We reckon we're even more excited about AD than Jason Bateman himself