Arrested Development - the comedy TV show canceled in 2006 by Fox after three seasons is being revived this year by Netflix Inc., as a tweet from the media streaming giants confirmed the news.

"It's confirmed! #ArrestedDevelopment. 14 Episodes. May. Only on Netflix. #TCA13" read the tweet, which was met by an excited legion of fans retweeting, replying and generally reveling. Fans love reveling. And that's not all. Many have suggested, as well as stars of the show, that this may be a thinly veiled pre-curser to a feature length Arrested Devopment movie. From cancellation to new season, to full length film in 7 years - good going. "This isn't season four," Jason Bateman, a star of the program, told reporters at a television critics' conference in Pasadena, California, yesterday (Jan, 9 2012). "Hopefully this is act one of what becomes a feature film." Though all 14 episodes will be released at once, show creator Mitch Hurwitz recommends that they be watched in a certain order: "It's like an album. There is an order that we have put together to create the maximum number of surprises." (via The Guardian).

The show has enjoyed cult status since being cancelled way back in 2006, and after years of fan pressure, when the stars got together, a reunion just seemed right. The move also represent a coup for Netflix, who will no doubt see an influx of new users desperate to catch that exclusive fourth season.