Fans eagerly anticipating the return of Arrested Development could end up getting a dose of the comeback earlier than planned should they bump into the Bluth family’s Frozen Banana Stand! That’s right, ahead of the cult sitcom’s return to Netflix, it’s been announced that the banana stand will be popping up at locations all over London as part of the Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand Worldwide Tour – starting today (May 8, 2013).

So what’s so special about this then? Well, the fact that anyone from the Bluth family could pop up at the stand at any given moment; that means you could come face to face with Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett, David Cross, Tony Hale or any of the other stars of the show turning up. It will appear in London again on May 9th, 15th and 21st as well as calling in at other cities around the world in the run-up to the premiere of the new season on May 26th. Remember Netflix are going to premiere all 15 episodes of the new season at the same time. God it’s going to be good isn’t it? It just has to be.

If you want to know even more information about the Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand and where it might be, it’s best to follow their Twitter at @ArrestedDev. We sure will be.

Bluth Frozen Banana Stand
Keep an eye out for the Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand