Country singer Jason Aldean was fined during a trip to the beach on Monday (11Jun12) after he was caught swimming in dangerous waters.
The My Kinda Party hitmaker was handed a $100 (£62.50) ticket after taking a dip in a prohibited area, and he later logged on to to voice his frustration.
In a series of posts on his microblogging page, he writes, "Dear officer who gave me a ticket on the beach today for swimming in the water with double red flags.. Thanx for the warning...
"I know he was doin his job, but im pretty sure i wouldnt drown in knee deep water. Gimme a break! Im not b**chin, im just sayin... When there is 100 people in the water and u pick 2 of them to give a ticket to... Wth (what the hell)?
"I respect all law enforcement & i am thankful for what they do for us, but me & that 12 yr old who got the other 100$ tix Are a lil bitter."