Jared Leto stole cars to get a sense of ''adventure''.

The musician-and-actor revealed he and his brother Shannon became ''little thieves'' as thrill seeking youngsters growing up.

He told The Sunday Times Magazine: ''In one sense, you could just say we an insatiable appetite for adventure. If we saw a sign saying 'Do Not Enter', that was our cue.

''We broke into offices, warehouses, schools - you name it, we did it. And in the process we became a right pair of little thieves: bottles of liquor one day, a scooter or a nice-looking motorbike the next.

''It was what we did. Some kinds went and did summer camps, we went and stole your car. At the time, I don't think we thought there was much wrong with what we were doing, unless of course we got caught - that was the wrong part.''

The pair - who are also both members of rock band 30 Seconds To Mars - used to drive authority figures ''nuts'' with their antics, but Jared admitted if teacher had known what they did out of school it could've been a disaster.

He added: ''As youngsters, we were pretty unruly, so I'm sure we drove our grandparents nuts, not to mention Mom, and any of the teachers who crossed our paths.

''We both shared a hatred of school. To us it was punishment, like being locked up, and as a result one of us was always being told to go to the principal's office for some trouble we'd caused.

''But, to be honest, the teachers were small-fry. We weren't bothered about the stuff we did at school - it was the s**t we did outside that we didn't want them finding out about.''