Rocker Jared Leto is heading back into the editing room to re-work his 30 Seconds To Mars documentary, despite the project winning a top prize at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday (17Sep12).

Leto premiered Artifact, which he directed under the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins, in Canada earlier this month (Sep12) and the movie, which chronicles the band's 2008 battle with Emi record label bosses, took home the prestigious People's Choice Award.

However, despite the rave reviews and positive response from the audience, the 40 year old is still unsatisfied with the finished product and plans on cutting out several scenes, including one in which he appears to be out of shape.

He tells New York Magazine, "The movie's not done yet. For us it's a chance to take what we learned here, make it better, and, you know, hopefully we can do that. Tighten it up. Make it more succinct. Cut out the shot of me breathing too heavily while I'm hiking because I'm not in shape enough."

The hitmaker also regrets including a sequence in which he is seen fighting with his bandmate and brother Shannon about his ability to find a beat.

He adds, "I didn't really love the argument with my brother and I... I felt like the film had so much conflict in it already. I toyed with the idea of chopping that out of the movie. I thought, There's so much conflict, and do you really need to see it in the band, too?...

"I left it in because (my editors) Shelby (Siegel) and Stefanie (Visser) liked the fact that you see the band affected by what was going on... It was a really stressful time."