January Jones doesn't think there are many gentlemen left.

The actress - who plays troubled sixties suburban housewife Betty Draper in US TV show 'Mad Men' - doesn't find the old-fashioned attitudes depicted in the show very shocking because she doesn't think much progress has been made in society.

She said: "The things that are said in the show about race and religion are maybe more shocking because it's not done now. But for women I don't think we've come very far. At least they were gentleman back then. They might say something s***ty behind your back, but at least they opened the door."

The 31-year-old blonde beauty began her career as a model and believes the cut-throat fashion world prepared her for rejection in Hollywood.

She explained to Tatler magazine: "It taught how to be rejected in a way that I didn't take personally.

"I never got that beaten down feeling with the auditioning process and acting. If anything it made me go for it more to prove them wrong."