January Jones has discussed her revealing outfit for the upcoming movie 'X-Men: First Class'.
JANUARY JONES, the American actress and star of 'Mad Men', has discussed the challenges of recreating the outfit of comic book character EMMA FROST for her new movie 'X Men: First Class'.In an interview with Moviefone, Jones was asked about her outfit for the film, to which she replied, "I'm naked. In the comics, the costume is pretty much just painted on and she has a pretty unrealistic body. So it was a challenge for me. I literally went from 'Mad Men,' packed the next day and flew to London - so there wasn't any time for me to do a lot of toning up or getting fit. I just had to wing it". 'Emma Frost', who was the highest ranking female entry on Empire's Top 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters, was known for her revealing outfits and Jones says it was fun trying to recreate them, saying, "We had a lot of fun with the costumes in that we wanted to make them very revealing and sexy, and they're always white and pearlized. We got that Emma Frost look, but with a 60s twist - and a lot of sparkles, because she turns into a diamond".
'X-Men: First Class' is the fifth instalment of the 'X-Men' film series and a prequel to the first three movies. The movie stars James McAvoy as 'Professor X' and Michael Fassbender as 'Magneto'. Other cast members include Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence and Kevin Bacon as 'Sebastian Shaw'. The movie is set to hit screens on 3rd June 2011.