Folk legend Janis Ian has given up all hope of winning a spoken word Grammy next month (Feb13) unless every musician in America votes for her.

The singer/songwriter was thrilled when her Society's Child: My Autobiography was selected among the nominees in the category until she realised who she was up against.

She tells, "It was exciting until I saw the other four nominees. I'm up against (popular broadcaster) Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, First Lady Michelle Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton, so I don't have a hope in hell!

"People say it's enough to be nominated and we all think that's not true but, in this instance, to keep that kind of company; it's pretty incredible... To win over the First Lady or Clinton, that would be a ridiculously unbelievable upset and very, very doubtful - like one per cent.

"I just sat in this little room that was like a closet with my guitar in my lap and the book in front of me and had a good time. I think if every musician in America who belongs to the Academy voted for me, I might have a chance."