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There is a phrase in BANGLA...kuttar lage khikono soga hoy na.....means...Dogs tail never be strait.Always be know u r limit & our own self.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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Why do you persist in using the term Jacko when Michael said so many times how much he disliked being called that? Show some respect.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by I Am Speechless

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TMZ needs to stop this and get their s-it straight! Can they ever put out a story on the up and up. But as we all know that as long as there is a Jackson left in that family TMZ and others will always have something to print, even if they lie or make things up about them (even the ones who have passed on)! This is the reason MJ's kids need to stay off of TWITTER AND THE OTHERS. Janet knows this all to well that is why she was trying to take Paris's cellphone to stop her from putting the family's dirty laundry in the open on Twitter. After all, that MJ had to deal with hopefully, Paris and her brothers will learn and then they will understand what Janet was trying to do and why just like they now understand why their dad covered their faces when they were with him!!

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by YANNI54

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Nice job, TMZ, but I do give you minimal credit for at least apologizing (fear of being sued, perhaps?). Your source was obviously Trent Jackson who Katherine fired immediately. Now let's hear Star Jones, Gladys Knight, Roland Martin (Jermaine just withdrew from the infamous letter, also) apologize for all their trash talk. Bet you won't see it.

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by corlista

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Trouble will always be brewing while TMZ and the like create their own headlines and other so-called news outlets repeat them as though they are fact. Haven't you guys learned yet?

Posted 3 years 6 months ago by Kerry Hennigan

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