Janet Jackson's still evidently feeling raw from the ongoing spotlight on her brother Michael's death, as her latest tour demands show.

With the trial over DR CONRAD MURRAY's alleged manslaughter continuing apace as well as the recent Welsh-based Michael Jackson tribute concert going ahead - despite protestations from sections of the Jackson family - it's perhaps understandable that the 45 year-old probably has other things on her mind as she battles gainfully through her latest world tour, entitled 'Number Ones, Up Close And Personal.'

The Smoking Gun reports that within Jackson's contract lies the stipulation, "that comedian will not make any reference to Janet Jackson or the Jackson family;" although that means that any comedian sharing the stage with the singer will also be gagged against any gags aimed at Tito, Jermaine et al, it's clear that in the current climate it's her late brother's name that Janet is keen to spare.

Aside from that, the contract is rather less fanciful than some might've expected, though the money that Jackson's pulling in is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. She's currently walking away from each show with a tidy $475,000 flat fee as well as picking up 85% of any gross box office receipts over $650,000. This isn't even mentioning the $25,000 she's being reimbursed each show by promoters for use of her own lighting and sound equipment.

Jackson is currently playing in Australia where she'll remain until mid-November when switching to South Africa.