Fans of Janet Jackson can now relive her infamous Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" - her and Justin Timberlake have been immortalised in doll form.

Plastic likenesses of the pair are currently up for sale on auction website eBAY, featuring replicas of their costumes on the night - all the way down to the pop beauty's "malfunctioning" area and the 'N Sync hunk's beard stubble.

The dolls are the brainchild of 24-year-old Canadian artist SIOBHAN SAWATSKY, who created plastic figures and put them up for online auction.

Sawatsky, who even included Jackson's sun-shaped nipple shield in her creation says, "The dolls actually took only a couple of evenings to create. However, if I had known they were going to create such a hype, I would have spent more time on them and paid more attention to detail."

Sawatsky admits she didn't actually see the incident, but has found America's outraged reaction it to extremely funny.

She adds, "I have to admit that the whole incident was quite humorous. It is amazing how something so minor can be blown completely out of proportion and become such a national event."

Bidding on the dolls, which ends on Sunday (07MAR04), currently sits at $330 (GBP183).

11/03/2004 21:16