Janet Jackson's upcoming world tour dates will be marred by anti-fur protesters, who are keen to let the pop star know how sickened they are by her love of animal pelts.
Officials at leading animal rights group PETA are planning major protests outside of all stops on Jackson's global trek, which began with a stand-off outside the Philippine International Convention Center in Manilla on Friday (04Feb11).
A spokeswoman for the organisation tells WENN, "Activists will be dressed as the Grim Reaper and hold signs that read, 'Janet: Fur Is Dead', as well as a banner that reads, 'Janet: Animals Suffer and Die on Fur Farms'.
"We're there to remind the singer that fur cruelty is nasty."
PETA Asia-Pacific's Rochelle Regodon adds, "With so many fashionable, warm, and cruelty-free materials available, there's simply no excuse for wearing fur.
"When it comes to buying into terror and death in hopes of revitalising her career, Janet Jackson has been - to borrow the title of one of her early hits - Nasty."
Jackson upset animal lovers the world over when she signed on as fur company Blackglama's spokesmodel last year (10).