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Janeane Garofalo Married Big Bang Producer, But Forgot All About It

Sometimes a marriage can feel so bad as to feel like you’re not even in one anymore. And sometimes they feel like that because you’d completely forgotten you’d got married in the first place. Sound...

Janeane Garofalo Married For 20 Years Without Knowing It

Actress/comedienne Janeane Garofalo was married for 20 years without knowing it after drunkenly tying the knot in Las Vegas with a boyfriend in the 1990s.The West Wing star exchanged vows with The Big Bang Theory...

Atp's 'I'll Be Your Mirror' Festival Relocated To New York's Pier 36 Venue

Festival promoters All Tomorrows Parties (ATP) have announced the relocation of the 2012 'I'll Be Your Mirror' USA festival to New York City's indoor venue Pier 36.Previously a New Jersey-based festival, 'I'll Be Your Mirror'...

Janeane Garofalo Plays It Straght In 'Russian Traffic'

Janeane Garofalo's transformation from edgy stand-up comic to serious stage actress has been well received by the New York Times. The opening night of 'Russian Transport' at the Acorn Theatre in New York on Monday...

Sean Penn Speaks Out Against The Tea Party

Sean Penn is the latest celebrity to launch a scathing attack on America's Tea Party following Morgan Freeman's emotional outburst on Cnn last month. Penn was also on Cnn and being interviewed by Piers Morgan...

Garofalo Turns Right For 24

Liberal actress JANEANE GAROFALO will be playing a "right-wing nut job" in the upcoming season of hit drama 24. The Romy And Michele's High School Reunion star will play a government agent assigned to investigate...

Garofalo Sobbed Through Smile Audition

Comedienne JANEANE GAROFALO lost the chance to star alongside JULIA ROBERTS in MONA LISA SMILE when she burst into tears during the audition read through with the PRETTY WOMAN star. The Truth About Cats +...

Garofalo Goes West

JANEANE GAROFALO is the latest star to appear in TV hit THE WEST WING - and is set for explosive storylines as a controversial media strategist. The 40-year-old actress is will play the...

Kid Rock Blasts Outspoken Stars

KID ROCK has attacked celebrities who offer their opinions on the war in Iraq, because he doesn't think stars are intelligent enough to publicly criticise the US President. The Republican rap-rock star admits he's...

Chuck D Gets His Own Radio Show

PUBLIC ENEMY star CHUCK D has landed himself a daily radio show. The FIGHT THE POWER rapper will host a new talk show, called UNFILTERED, on America's AIR AMERICA RADIO network, which is set...

Garofalo Gets Political In New Book

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS + DOGS star JANEANE GAROFALO is penning a new political book. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO SALUTE, WE WILL ROCK YOU, a collection of political essays, is scheduled to arrive on...

Stars Come Together To Attack Bush

Stars including MICHAEL STIPE, MICHAEL MOORE, MOBY and JACK BLACK are teaming up to launch a competition attacking American President GEORGE W BUSH. Dance star Moby and JONATHAN SOROS - son of billionaire financier...

Anti-war Celebs Ready To Strike Back

They may have been vilified by the American press, but peace-loving celebrities are preparing for another political onslaught. Stars like MARTIN SHEEN, SUSAN SARANDON, TIM ROBBINS and THE DIXIE CHICKS all came under fire...

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