As notoriously tough as she is on screen in Glee, there’s something delightfully sweet about actress Jane Lynch in real life, and so it’s heartening to report that she’ll be making her Broadway stage debut – and seems delighted at the prospect at it.

Jane Lynch Escape From Planet Earth

Annie will be the first time Jane Lynch has appeared on Broadway

Lynch seems to be one of those people who is constantly grateful for the opportunities that she works hard to get, and it seemed no different as she confirmed that she was to appear in Broadway’s Annie, replacing Tony Award-winning actress Katie Finneran as evil orphanage matron Miss Hannigan. "I'm so thrilled I can't see straight," the actress said Billboard. "It's a preposterous fantasy come true." You see, we told you she was nice.

As her Tony award would suggest, Finneran is a fine actress and gained huge acclaim for her portrayal of the role, so it’s a tough role to fill, even for someone as talented as Lynch. However, she revealed that she was relishing the challenge. "It's a real joy for me to step into her shoes, which are large and scare the hell out of me," said Lynch. "But it's good to be scared. It's good to jump off a cliff." Lynch stars opposite Lilla Crawford, who plays the title role, and Anthony Warlow as Daddy Warbucks. The irony of the actress again playing a mean, tough role hasn’t been lost on Lynch. "I do a lot of mean people," she said. "I'm the sweetest person you'll ever meet but I do have a fascination with that kind of cruelty that comes from a very, very soft place."